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5 Apartment Upgrades That Guarantee Your Security Deposit Back

5 Apartment Upgrades That Guarantee Your Security Deposit Back

I want my security deposit back! When you move into a new apartment the first thing you want to do is to make it a your home-sweet-home by hanging pictures, paintings and even a flat screen TV. One thing many renters forget is that all those holes in the wall might cost them the security deposit. The landlord is going to look at any changes made to the apartment when the renter decides to move out. This is a thin line the renter has to walk while deciding to make changes.


“If you decide to add wallpaper when you are there you must remove it and leave it to original condition” says, Tom Stevenson a landlord from the Reservation Sofi Apartment complex in downtown Long Beach, CA. Tom goes on and explains that many landlords treat modification or improvements and accidental damages the exact same way. The landlord will take the money from the security deposit to remove the custom modification to its original form. “The first thing that the majority of landlords and property owners will do is deduct from the security deposit” he says.


If You Paint Your Apartment You Will Not Get Your Security Deposit Back


Believe it or not painting is the number 1 thing landlords complain about. Landlords want to keep the apartment as plain as possible so it could fit the needs of a variety of people. Not every renter is going to like red or blue walls but the majority will be OK with having white or tan color walls.


“Adding a fresh coat of bright red paint to the living room will be a bad idea for the landlord” says, Chris Sanchez a property owner in downtown Los Angeles.


You Will Risk Your Security Deposit by Hanging Pictures


Unlike painting, hanging pictures is the first thing new tenants do to make a home feel like home. Hanging a few pictures around the apartment doesn’t seem like much to the tenant but the landlord will have to hire a professional to patch and re-paint the area where the holes were made.


“Hanging pictures on the wall is so common that the majority of landlords automatically deduct it from the security deposit” says, McArthur Lauren a landlord from southern California.


Installing Window Treatment vs Security Deposit


The majority of apartments have the white plastic blinds that seem to break every time they are pulled up. Many renters will drill holes to add blinds to cover the window, those blinds often fall down or are pulled and they will create a larger whole. What some people don’t think about is that when holes are created in the walls it causes an entrance for insect, roaches and if the hole is big enough, mice.


Mounting a TV Will Definitely Revoke You from Getting Your Security Deposit Back


Mounting a TV on a wall is known to cause damage not only to the drywall but to the wooden joints behind the wall. In order to keep a flat screen TV up in place the renter will need to drill a few holes onto the wall causing it to become fragile.


“Mounting a TV on the wall is what landlords really dislike. The drilling makes the walls fragile and causes the apartment building to need repairs more often and you will be risking your chances of getting your security deposit back” says, Susan Gabriela a multi-complex landlord from Los Angeles, CA


Gardening vs Your Security Deposit


You might think a small lime tree in the backyard is fine but that’s not necessarily the case. The roots from the trees will grow and will break the underground piping and in some cases it will ruin the apartment’s foundation. Trees are a great way to make a front and or backyard look nice but it might be a big problem in the long run. Even after the tree is cut the roots will still keep growing and in some cases the dirt will have to be removed in order to remove the over-grown roots. If the tree you plant causes damages to the property you could say goodbye to your security deposit and on top of that you will be probably legal property.

5 Apartment Upgrades That Guarantee Your Security Deposit Back - Local Records Office
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5 Apartment Upgrades That Guarantee Your Security Deposit Back – Local Records Office
Moving out of your apartment you hope to get your security deposit back but thats not always the case with your landlord- Local Records Office