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Local Records Office

Local Records Office: Property Profile Reports Clarifies Misleading House Listings


Local Records Office (LRO) understands that navigating the real estate industry is not always easy. From one region to another, agents who are listing properties call upon a long list of words that may mean something different depending on geographic location. Additionally, there are certain phrases or terms that these professionals employ to minimize the less than desirable features of a property and maximize the aspects of the listing that they believe will catch the attention of buyers. A recent article published by The Wall Street Journal explains how “cozy” is one such word, as its meaning is used to mask tight living spaces and its usage varies across the United States. Here, a representation from Local Records Office explains how individuals can approach property listings in a way that allows them to get the full story about a certain structure-and the tools they can use to educate themselves regarding the specifics of a property in which they are interested.

The aforementioned article explains that cozy is one of the words that agents frequently use to indicate that a property is small; however, the actual size of the properties that are described as being cozy change from one part of the country to the next. Jed Kolko, who is the chief economist at Trulia, explains: “Cozy is one of those words that means very different things in different markets. Cozy in Texas is not what’s cozy in San Francisco.” Trulia researched the use of this particular word found that “In every metro area, homes that mention cozy are smaller than listings that do not,“ Kolko reports.

Local Records Office, which provides profile reports to its clientele, understands that this is just one of the many ways in which homebuyers can become confused about or misinterpret the actual nature of a property. To minimize this issue, the professionals at Local Records Office strongly encourage individuals to do their due diligence by researching any properties that they are interested in. Although real estate agents do not normally go so far as to lie about the specifications of a property, a representative from Local Records Office explains that a property profile report can help individuals to look beyond the jargon of the industry to the facts about a home.

“The information that agents provide in real estate listings is great for catching the attention of individuals who are looking to invest in a new property-that’s what it is written to do,” the Local Records Office representative states. “But it is important take responsibility for understanding the specifications of a property before they make a decision regarding whether or not they want to invest in it. As this article highlights, words like ‘cozy’ can make a home seem a lot more appealing than it is-particularly in certain geographic locations. As such, we recommend that individuals who are interested in purchasing a property profile report.”

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The representative goes on to explain that a property profile report offers information regarding a wide range of subjects, all targeted at the property of interested and its surrounding community.

“Our clients are able to access information regarding the details that matter to them-and that will make or break their experience living in a certain house,” comments Local Records Office representative. “ Information pertaining to nearly schools, both public and, is essential to parents with growing kids. Likewise, individuals are often interested in learning more about criminal activity, local demographics, any foreclosure activity’s value and the surrounding community.”

The representative asserts that details like property specifications, including transaction histories, are of extreme importance, as these can help to determine property value. The asking price of a property is decided after weighing several different factors, many of which are highlighted on the property profile reports that Local Records Office creates. As such, these are integral resources for individuals who not only want to determine the specifications of a property but also whether or not that property is worth the cost associated with it.

Local Records Office representative assets that purchasing a property is a major financial investment-but there is more to this decision than the responsibility of a mortgage. For individuals who are raising families, choosing a home is a decision that will shape the lives of their children. As such, many individuals who are looking for a new house want to ensure that they are purchasing a property in a community that supports the kind of lifestyle they would like to provide for their kids.

“Our property profile reports are, really, wonderful resources for people in a wide range of situations, from those looking to simply ensure that their house’s documentation is accurate to those looking for a new place to call home,” Local Records Office representative comments. “While our clients range in their reasons for investing in a report, we find that those who are doing so in order to determine whether or not to purchase a specific property are happy that they made the decision to research their options before making an offer. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for individuals to educate themselves regarding real estate assets before making any kind of financial commitment-regardless of if they are on the buying or selling end of transaction. Making an informed decision is the best thing that any individual can do when they are involved in real estate, and calling upon the details of a property profile report is a great way to learn more about the house in question.”

Local Records Office is an organization that drafts property profile reports for a wide range of real estate assets, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Within these reports are details spanning a wide range of subjects areas, including property value, community crime rates, education opportunities, demographics, foreclosure activity, and more. Through this information, the professionals at Local Records Office are able to provide individuals with details they need to better understand the value of a property and the lifestyle supported by the surrounding community. By doing so, the company assists its clients in making educated decisions their real estate investment.